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micro-designs - interior design beyond the human eye micro-designs - interior design beyond the human eye
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Interior Narcissus
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Wallpaper design: Regency - more info...

Single repeat (45cm wide) - Click image for a fullscreen repeat

Repeat Pattern (135cm X 135cm)

Wallpaper design: Regency
Collection: Cellular Wallpaper
Sub-collection: Interior Narcissus
Microscopic subject: Human cells: blood (reticulate stain)
Order code: CWIN06Re

Regency was made as part of a series of wallpaper self-portraits entitled ‘Interior Narcissus’, depicting the artist’s own bodily interior structures as viewed through a microscope. The micrographs were digitally constructed into decorative wallpapers, reminiscent of a past era of interior design when chintz was en vogue; yet they represent the most intimate of bodily flora and fauna, including blood, cheek swabs and cervical smears.

Cellular Wallpaper: Interior Narcissus wallpapers were produced with the assistance of the cytology department at Poole Hospital whilst Artist in Residence in 2000.



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